Even with the 4th Industrial Revolution upon us we take a pragmatic approach to source the right software and intelligence technologies to create added value through digitalisation, lean management and maintenance of your business model. ...

Digitalisation expands not just on computerisation within the business, but it utilises digital technologies to implement intelligent system solutions, connecting resources, allowing us together to visualise the business as a whole to ensure we can improve on the decision making and create additional opportunities’ through improved business performance knowing and minimising impacts to ensure improve business performance.

Digitisation requires a strategic review, rationalisation, stabilisation of business performance and processes before process improvements are implemented in all disciplines. Digital technologies are introduced to increase process efficiency and business transparency and to support transformation processes.

The aim is to move the company in the direction of an improved business by making optimum use of the resources readily available, therefore increasing both overall business performance and adding value along the way.

Through digitalisation and automating certain aspects, it shall overall relieve employees by saving time within the daily operation to all resources to be utilised elsewhere improving overall performance across each process.


The focus of digitisation is on the topic of Big Data and Big Data analysis. The ever-increasing amounts of data must be stored, managed and used in a targeted manner. ...

From a company's point of view, these evaluations must be carried out in an optimal cost-benefit strategy.

From our project experience, in many cases the already existing information is collected and secured several times with high monetary and time costs. This data can then be saved to be processed, utilised and kept up to date daily to ensure its at its most reliable at all times.

We will support you in big data analysis, which can help your company in many ways to make your processes more transparent and to adapt them to the required needs in real time through better processing and analysis of the resulting data.

Be it, for example, in production, which is directly linked to customer enquiries, depending on current and historical data. Through this transparency, which is displayed in real time, only the required quantity is produced, processed and the customer supplied. This makes a high stock level obsolete and automatically reduces storage costs. This allows capital to be used for other investments.

The analysis of the data also helps the purchasing department to keep only those materials in stock that are required at each production site and product group. In addition, possible material losses can be monitored by collecting data during production and processes can be further optimised by analysing the data.

We support our clients in developing the right overall strategy and setting the right budget. This is an essential part of the future strategy of every company.


Large amounts of data can only be processed by automated processes. Without them, they are hardly manageable. ...

The processing in meaningful form must take place here by data mining, by machine learning and recognition algorithms can be builts, as well as processing by artificial intelligence for automated combination and decision process execution a sufficiently fast processing occurs.

Decisions can no longer be based on historical evaluations as before. Data that is required must be collected at any time and processed by data mining. Only real-time data can enable a quick response in the future.

Each process must provide the necessary data so that assessments can be made, and decisions made.

The right combination and processing of your data by data mining allows you to combine and correctly process the ever larger and more complex data volumes. This automatically provides you with accurate conclusions that save you time and money in every respect.

"There is no doubt that digitalization will dominate our working world. It is up to us to make the aspects of digitisation controllable in order to get the best possible benefit from it. This in turn requires uniformly stable and at the same time adaptable business processes."

Dr. Ivan Barjasic
CEO & Founder
Frontem Ventures GmbH